Company President Brent Nowak started his career at 19 as the youngest sales associate with "MBC foods" (later to be purchased by "Tree of Life"). After 4 years in grocery store sales, Brent switched gears to technology, becoming the number one sales representative with both Infinity Technology and later Binary Visions.

As Customer Retention Manager at Redwire Broadband, Brent's business practices help reduce customer turnover by 80% and keep customer satisfaction to all-time highs.

With Timberland Hardwoods, at the beginning of one of the nation's most significant downturns in 2008, Brent and the Timberland team were able to create and implement a successful plan to keep the company profitable throughout most of the recession.

Now we are helping Small Businesses use the internet to grow their business.

In August of 2020, we'll be celebrating our 9th year in business.

​Let's start getting more clients today!